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Valve Production Process for Car Train Marine Engine


1. Name of each part of the valve

2. Working conditions of the valve

Working environment of various parts of the valve:
2.1. The highest temperature zone of the gasoline engine valve is concentrated in the head and neck of the valve (ie, zones A and C); these parts require high thermal strength and good corrosion resistance.
2.2. The valve surface (B) area in contact with the valve seat is another dangerous area of the valve. The area requires comprehensive resistance to thermal corrosion, thermal fatigue and thermal wear.
   Both the stem and the valve end (D, E) are hot wear zones that require superior friction and wear resistance.

3. Basic requirements for valve design:
In principle, the following considerations apply:
A: In order to ensure sufficient air intake, the head diameter should be as large as possible and the gas flow resistance should be minimized under the conditions of the cylinder head arrangement.
B: The structure is simple, and the weight is minimized under the condition of ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity.
C: Reduce the heat load as much as possible, mainly in cooperation with the design of the cylinder head to improve the heat dissipation conditions.
D: Materials with high strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance should be selected. The material of the exhaust valve is required to withstand high temperatures.
4. Selection of valve materials and production process

4.1 Introduction of the world's major national valve steel grades

Application of nickel-based heat resistant alloys and austenitic materials:
4.1.1. When the valve operating temperature does not exceed 760, austenitic heat-resistant steel can be selected because its structure is better at this temperature and no tissue transformation occurs. At high temperatures, no structural transformation occurs during creep, so its creep strength and long-lasting strength are not degraded. When the working temperature exceeds 780-850, its structural stability will be poor, so austenitic nickel Alloy steels show insufficient strength both in creep strength and in permanent strength. Therefore, the exhaust valve is widely made of superalloy. This material is divided into cobalt-based and nickel-based alloys. The high-temperature performance between them is not much different, but the cobalt-based alloy is expensive, and it is oxidized to cobalt oxide. Vanadium has poor corrosion resistance and is generally not used. Nickel-based alloys are widely used, such as: incinel751, Nimonic80, Nimonic90.
4.1.2. therefore, nickel-based alloy has good heat resistance, high temperature performance is superior to other valve steel, it is the world's most advanced valve steel, widely used for high-load engine exhaust valves.

4.2. manufacturing process route

4.2.1Martensitic heat-resistant steel (steel rod) (intake valve) (magnetic)
Material: 4Cr10Si2Mo
Bar material inspection, the end of the grinding machine, the end face, the electric forging, the type of quenching and tempering, the blasting, the straightening, the calibration, the stress, the processing, the small head, the high frequency quenching, the high temperature, the tempering, the blasting, the magnetic particle flaw detector, the finishing, the nitriding, the nitriding, the refining Cone surface, small end surface
Cone beating detection Cone surface airtight inspection Cleaning Finished product appearance inspection Packaging In storage Factory inspection.
4.2.2Austenitic heat-resistant steel (steel rod) (exhaust valve) (non-magnetic)
Material: 53Cr21Mn9Ni4N
Solid solution bar material incoming inspection, both ends of the material grinding, electric forging, type straightening, calibration plate, stress, shot blasting machine, processing, small head, stellite alloy processing machine, finishing, nitriding, nitriding, fine grinding, cone, small End face cone face detection cone surface airtight detection cleaning finished product appearance inspection package storage factory inspection.


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